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BOGS° Shipping Policy

When will my order ship?

Orders will usually ship from our distribution center within 3-5 business days. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are not processed until the following business day.

An automated e-mail will be sent when your order is shipped and your funds are captured. If we do not have a product in stock, you will receive an email with any backorder or cancellation information.

What is free shipping?

If you do not receive regular US mail at your shipping address, please place your order with our Customer Care Team at 1-877-321-2647 so other accommodations can be made. Standard (Ground) shipping may be provided by UPS via the US post office.

Note: We cannot use a Post Office Box as a shipping address. Weyco Group, Inc. 333 W Estabrook Blvd. Glendale, WI 53212

* We will not accept orders shipping to forwarding companies.

** All sale merchandise will be charged $8.00 freight.

Military addresses will be shipped free the following business day via United States Postal Service with a signature delivery confirmation.

Any orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, will be $22.00.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

$16.00 UPS 2nd Day Delivery 2nd Day shipping via UPS 2 business day service is available within the Continental United States, for orders placed on business days before 11:30 am C.S.T. Orders placed past 11:30am will be shipped the following business day. Orders placed on any National Holiday will be shipped the next business day. We do not deliver on Saturdays. 2nd Day is NOT available to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Military Addresses.

$25.00 UPS Next Day Delivery Next Day shipping via UPS next business day is available within the Continental United States, for orders placed on business days before 11:30 am C.S.T. Orders placed past 11:30 am will be shipped the following business day. Orders placed on any National Holiday will be shipped the next business day. We do not deliver on Saturdays. Next day service is NOT available to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Military Addresses.

Wearing Your BOGS°

Is the footwear intended for summer, fall or winter?

Bogs can be worn from one season to the next. There are varying levels of insulation, but generally they can be worn from temperate to sub-zero conditions, introducing new technology that helps wick away moisture for added comfort.

The taller style boots such as the Classic Highs are generally more comfortable from September to May. These are insulated with 7mm of Neo-Tech™ and lined with Max-Wick, a wicking fabric designed to rapidly move moisture leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. Some of our other styles feature light-weight insulation, so you're going to be comfortable year-round.

Any Bogs boots without a temperature rating are not meant to be extreme cold weather boots. You could wear these styles inside all day or outside on a chilly rainy day but they are not meant to be worn in any extreme cold weather.

What is the calf circumference of a Bogs boot?

The circumference in the calf on our Classic women's boots is 14 inches. The boots are constructed with four-way stretch Neo-Tech, accommodating a larger calf than standard rubber boots. For even more calf room, we recommend the mid height boots or lower profile shoes. To find exact measurement, review the product details.

How thick is the Neo-Tech lining?

Bogs Neo-Tech™ insulation is designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable. For more temperate conditions we offer a lighter weight alternative with 2mm of Neo-Tech and 2mm of Airmesh and for colder conditions, we offer 7mm of Neo-Tech lining that's comfort rated to -40F below. The four-way stretch SCUBA-like material is 100% waterproof and is designed to add extra cushioning and protection from the elements.

What Are BOGS° Made Of

Which materials does Bogs use to make their boots?

Natural, high quality vulcanized rubber that's durable. Bogs are insulated with Neo-Tech™ a four-way stretch inner bootie for added comfort and warmth. The Classics are constructed with a waterproof upper made out of this same material which is 100% waterproof - all the way to the top, just below the handle. Bogs are comfort rated from temperate to sub-zero temperatures, depending on the style and level of insulation. To learn more, visit http://www.bogsfootwear.com/shop/technology.html

General Product Questions

Is the neoprene portion waterproof?

Yes, Bogs Neo-Tech™ is a flexible synthetic rubber which is 100% waterproof. It helps insulate as well as keep you dry.

What if I have PVC or Latex allergies?

Bogs are PVC free, but some are made with latex for stretch and comfort.

Can I wash these boots in the washing machine?

Only Baby Bogs and B-MOCs, can be cleaned in the washing machine. To do so use a gentle cycle and wash with cold water. Add half the usual dose of mild detergent. Remove your shoes from the washing machine and allow them todry in the sun, stuffed with paper or similar to preserve their shape.

What socks would you recommend for optimal warmth?

We recommend wearing one pair of medium-weight, moisture wicking socks with your Bogs. Wool is the best. The air surrounding your feet is what keeps them warm. Bogs are designed to capture your body heat and insulate it from the outside elements. Layering socks potentially inhibits air flow within the Bogs and circulation in your feet.

How do Bogs fight foot odor?

Bogs feature DuraFresh – an all-natural, organic bio-technology that activates to fight odor.

Do you carry wide sizes?

At this time, Bogs does not offer wide sizes.

Do you carry half sizes?

Starting in Fall 2014 we will carry half sizes in select styles.

How do you determine Bogs temperature ratings?

Temp ratings are a guideline to communicate warmth. It’s important to note that each person is unique and has a different circulation that impacts warmth.

To assign the temperature rating, we use a cold box test method. This test puts stainless steel balls with wire probes down inside the boots. The boots are then put in a freezer and the temperature is reduced every 30 minutes. When the boots show more than a ten degree variance from the ambient temperature, then the boots have reached their warmth limit.

Are Bogs knock-offs at certain retailers comparable in quality?

No, Bogs knock-offs typically contain no natural rubber, which in turn leads to no insulation. This means they typically offer no warmth to the foot.


How can I become an affiliate for Bogs?

It is very quick and easy to join, there is just one step involved. Complete our online application here: JOIN FREE WITH THE ONLINE APPLICATION LINK. You will receive an instant email message confirming the receipt of your application. We will review your application as soon as we can and we will contact you within 1-2 business days. After you are accepted, you’ll need to visit the platform and search for Bogs Boots to apply. For more information, please see the Affiliate Marketing Sign up Sheet.

Ordering Outside The US

Do you have retailers in other countries?

Please view our distributors page.

Do you have retailers in Canada?

Yes we have retailers in Canada - Please visit our store locater and enter your postal code and the nearest retailers will appear.

Do you ship to Canada?

Please go to our Canadian website at www.Bogsfootwear.ca to order your Bogs boots that will be delivered to Canada.

Do you accept returned items that were shipped to Canada?

Please contact Bogs Canada at: customercare@bogsfootwear.ca or call (514)364-5444 or toll free# is 1-800-363-5762.

Contacting BOGS°

Do you have a contact email add?

To protect the privacy of those that email us, we do not save or store email address. Nor do we sell or trade email or contact information.

Where are Bogs manufactured?

Bogs are manufactured in China, due to lack of resources here in the States. We hope in the future to produce our inventory stateside. We have close long term relationship with the company that we work with in China. It is family owned and employees are treated fairly.

What happens if my (online) order is backordered?

We recommend that you try our retailers. Visit our dealer locator page, to find a store in your area.

Do you have a catalog for mail orders?

We would be more than happy to send you a catalog. However we do not list retail prices in the catalog. Email customerservice@bogsfootwear.com for details.

Returns and Exchanges

What is your return policy?

Bogs offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The only items we will not take returns on, are those items purchased at a closeout price. If you ordered an item that was on closeout, we cannot give you a refund, but would be more than happy to help you with an exchange. If you need to return a pair of Bogs please contact us with replacement style, size, shipping address and photo.

How do I return my Bogs internet order for a refund or exchange?

To prepare your prepaid UPS label to return your unworn regularly priced Bogs footwear please click the following link: http://www.bogsfootwear.com/shop/returns.html

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes we do.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift certificates on bogsfootwear.com.

What if I want to cancel my order?

You may cancel your order, as long as it has not entered the shipping process. Sign in to your account. Select your order and click the Cancel icon.