Community Giving - Bogs

At Bogs, we live to get outside. And we think every child should have the opportunity to do so too. The outdoors provide the perfect classroom to learn, play, and enjoy being a kid.

For every purchase on we will donate 2% to outdoor education initiatives. Our goal is to provide scholarships and grants to remove financial barriers so all kids can grow and learn in the outdoors.

Student Conservation Association

Anchorage, AK

The Student Conservation Association builds the next generation of conservation leaders to help protect more than 325 million acres of public land in Alaska. This summer we will be providing boots for teens as they participate in a three to four week project to help with habitat protection, trail construction, and history restoration.

Chicago Botanic Gardens - Youth Farm

Chicago, IL

Stemming from our roots we have always been passionate about helping people grow and cultivate their own food. Green Youth Farm promotes urban farming for youth in the Chicago area. These students not only learn sustainable agriculture, but also job preparedness, financial literacy, healthy nutrition, and a deeper understanding of our global food system. We believe in working harder and playing longer so we are happy to support these students as they work hard for their communities.

Portland Children’s Museum

Portland, OR

We teamed up with Portland Children’s Museum to keep the awe and wonder of outdoor exploration accessible to younger generations. The Museum’s newest permanent exhibit, Outdoor Adventure, is an intentional, education-based, ADA-accessible outdoor space giving kids the chance to reconnect with nature. The 1.3 acre space is open rain or shine, and showers and puddles won’t be an issue thanks to a donation of BOGS Classic boots.

Delaney Urban Community

Aurora, CO

A historic 158-acre community farm located in central Aurora, CO. Delaney’s mission is to provide access to healthy local food, small-scale sustainable agricultural practices and foster community development. We will be putting on boots on staff to keep them dry & protected all year round.

Cedarsong Nature School

Vashin Island, WA

Cedarsong Nature School provides nature immersion classes and camps to kids of all ages to experience the outdoors directly. Their goal is to create a connection to the natural world and increase awareness, fostering empathy for the earth from a young age. This year the school is expanding to serve students with learning disabilities and we wanted to help out.

Urban Ecology Center

Milwuakee, WI

The Urban Ecology Center fosters ecological understanding as inspiration for change, neighborhood by neighborhood. By being well prepared in all weather the Urban Ecology Center is able to provide outdoor science education for urban youth. This includes the protection and use of public natural areas, making them safe, accessible and vibrant. They also help preserve and enhance these natural areas and their surrounding waters.

City Growers

Brooklyn, NY

City Growers aims to close a fundamental gap in the experience of inner city residents by providing meaningful opportunity to interact with the natural world. We will provide low-income scholarships for their upcoming summer camps. There the students learn where their food comes from, increase their understanding of natural science, and become empowered them to create positive change in their own communities.

Hazelwood Kindergarten

Eugene, OR

Hazelwood Outdoor Kindergarten is an urban outdoor school that provides a year-round nature immersion to children between the ages of two to six. The goal is to foster a deep connection and experiences with nature. For the 2016-17 school year we will provide boots for the students and donate to their low-income scholarship program.