In the Mountains in December
// Maggie  Parker

“I'm a photographer who hates being cold but for some reason I accepted a job to photograph a wedding outdoors in the mountains in December! I frantically went to my favorite outdoor gear store (Next Adventure in Portland, Or) begging for help. The sales woman brought out a pair of Bogs and confidently said, "These are what you want". I was skeptical but not seeing any alternative, I purchased them. Oh my gosh! My feet were so warm!! I love them! And the Pumpkin color is awesome! I use to avoid at any cost going outside in the winter but now it's almost fun because it's so exciting to finally find a shoe to keep my feet warm! Also, they are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever had! Snug and cozy as can be! I'm definitely going back to get a pair of your shoes! Thanks so very much!” January 19, 2011

Good Grip
// Dave   Bates

“These are simply the best boots I have ever owned. They have a good grip, are warm but most of all comfortable. I can wear them for hours at a time. When was the last time you can say that about a pair of boots?

Elk Hunting Outfitter
// Corey   D

“In the falls I work for an Elk Hunting Outfitter and I depend on my Bogs to keep my feet warm and dry and they haven't let me down yet they are great for when the horses break out in the middle of the night and I need something to slip on real fast or when the snow starts flying and I'm in the saddle all day my feet stay warm as well.” August 5, 2011

The Pumkin Batch
// Jennifer  Hoffert

“Best boots I have ever purchased. They are great for going into the Oregon Coast, pumpkin patch with kids, running errands in the rainy weather, and keeping your feet warm and comfortable during a cold Oregon football game. My whole family has a pair. My husband uses his for fishing and hunting, it's the only brand he buys. I was apprehensive about purchasing a pair until I tried them on; the comfort level is off the charts. My 4 year old daughter runs in hers and uses them for play, and, on rainy days. It's great to purchase a product from a company that still puts emphasis on quality and customer service.” -May 26, 2010

Fly-Fishing Adventure
// Burke  Tyree

“Bought my first pair today, I'm in love!! Thanks for the Bogs! I am so excited to throw my Bogs into the ClackaCraft Drift Boat as I know that I am prepared for any event during my fly-fishing adventures. It is just reassuring knowing that I have no worries from Morning to Night with my fishing trips, even the simple things like washing your boat I know I will be dry, warm, and comfortable.”-Burke Tyree, July 22, 2011

Like a Hummer SUV
// Jennifer  Crain

“I am so in love with my Bogs Riders! I feel like I'm wearing a Hummer SUV on my feet because while everyone else is jumping over and tip-toeing over puddles, slush, and snow, I'm just plowing through without a care in the world!! And they look great too! My mom loved them so much that I bought her a pair too!” -March 8, 2011

Passed the Test
// Anne  Young

“I live in Maine and boots are a necessity. I could never find a pair of boots I liked or that I actually enjoyed wearing. I love these boots! They are warm, keep my feet dry are easy to put on and take off. The best thing though - they passed my "boot test" with flying colors. When I remove my Bogs my socks are still on my feet and not in the boot! I will never own any other boot than a Bog!” March 11, 2011

From Antarctica to Alaska
// Tyler  

“I wore the Journey Rubber slip-on every day for about 6 months - Antarctica then to Alaska for 50 days working at a salmon cannery for 15 hours a day no days off. Anyhow, they are no longer waterproof since I had these now a year a half and these are the only shoes that I wear. I am headed back to Antarctica for another 6 month adventure.” July 27, 2011

Pike Place Fish Market
// Anders 

“Thanks for keeping our feet dry and cushioned here at Pike Place, you guys rock!” July 18, 2011